Calcina – Farinha de Osso

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Product information “CALCINA MEAT BONE MEAL”

Mineral feed for dogs

Calcium and phosphor in the CALCINA MEAT BONE MEAL support the development and preservation of dentures, skeleton and bone structure. Especially suitable for pregnant and lactating mother dogs. Apart from its high taste acceptance CALCINA MEAT BONE MEAL positively affects the digestion of your dog.

The wild dog covered its calcium needs from the bones of the hunted prey … so Canina® CALCINA MEATBONE MEAL is the most natural calcium supply:

  • pure cooked meat meal with 12.2% calcium and 5.9% phosphorus
  • has a positive effect on digestion
  • high taste acceptance

Trade size: 250g/ 800g

This straight feed consists of protein-containing products that are obtained from mammalian tissue (pigs) and that not be fed to ruminants.

Ingredients: 50.3% Protein, 5.9% phosphorus, 12.6% fat content, 27.4% raw ash, 12.2% calcium

Feeding recommendation per animal and day:

In teaspoons up to 10kg up to 20kg over 20kg
Dry feed 1 1.5 3
Wet feed 1.5 3 4
Self-made feed 3 4 6

(1 teaspoon = approx. 7g)

From the 30th day of pregnancy, the dosage should be doubled (2x maintenance requirement).
For lactating mother dogs:
4 puppies = dosage x 2
4-6 puppies = dosage x 4
>6 puppies = dosage x 5

Meat bone meal of German origin.

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250g, 800g


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